Contemplative Quotes


The 'prayer of fire' transcends all human feeling. There are no longer sounds of the voice nor movements of the tongue nor articulated words. The soul is completely imbued with divine light. Human language, always inadequate, is no use any more. But in the soul is a spring bubbling over, and prayer gushing out from it leaps up to God. The soul expresses in a single instant many things which could only be described or remembered with difficulty when it has returned to its normal condition.

St. Basil

A solitary life is the school in which heavenly doctrine is learned and a preparation for the practice of divine arts is given. It is a paradise of delights which emits the perfume of virtue. For there the roses of charity are enveloped in crimson flame and no sudden squalls are able to destroy the violets of humility. There the myrrh of perfect mortification diffuses itself and the incense of constant prayer hangs heavy on the air.

Cynthia Bourgeault

The goal of contemplative life is unitive seeing: not so much ‘union with God’ understood as wanting God to the exclusion of all else, but rather, gradually coming to realize that really, there is nothing that is not (in) God. God is the dots and the spaces between the dots; nothing can fall out of God, and all is tenderly and joyously held.” –Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening, p. 158

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